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Time to develop character.


If Carine Bailleul had not immersed herself in the world of wine, she may well have become a perfume “nose”. For it was through her power of smell almost 20 years ago, that this young woman from the Vercors region came across a world she would one day embrace as her own. Discovering the unique signature aromas of Castelnau champagne, enhanced by delicate effervescence, is a kind of magic that still puts a spring in her step today, which she never tires of sharing.


Behind the scenes, she learns all she needs to know from the men and women who have for decades riddled, disgorged and vinified at the House of Castelnau. She fully embraces the secrets of the signature House style, and adds her own personal touch. Consistency, and her conscientious approach, shine through the knowledge and skills acquired since her arrival in 2003. And while developing her collections, from vineyard to winery, and through her contact with the many hands devoted to their task, she unlocks the mysteries of age-old champagne expertise.

Born into the world of agriculture, our Cellar Master adopts Castelnau as her second family, and makes Champagne her home. Diligent and eager to learn, Carine Bailleul blossoms in her role, just like the champagnes resting in the cellars. A precision-led approach, the patient transmission of these skills, the passion for a unique elixir unlike anything else in the world; all this insight has been bequeathed with a generosity that serves as her daily guide.

“While winemaking techniques shape the structure of a wine, its liquid soul is gleaned in the obscurity of the cellars through prolonged lees-ageing.”

Time to develop character

Virtually languishing in obscurity for at least five years, the bottles will protect a precious secret. During this time, while resting on the lees, the wines will experience the alliance of chemistry and magic that enthralls palates the world over.

The wines will take in decades of history written on the chalk walls; to assimiliate the very spirit and soul of all the ‘shapers’ behind Champagne Castelnau.

In the calm of the cellars, the wines develop their unique character, together with an inimitable aromatic signature, reminiscent of toasty bread notes, and a mass of delicate bubbles.

The finer the bead, the more ably the bubbles will stimulate the taste receptors and deliver flavour and emotion alike. The long, slow maturation process is crucial in creating greater elegance and expression in the mousse.

Lenghtly lees-ageing provides a cocoon of serenity and plenitude to Castelnau champagnes. For those who taste their splendour, their patience is rewarded as the champagne’s full personality is released.

Powerful approachable and elegant champagnes

The signature Castelnau House style conjures fond childhood memories, like eating a huge buttery brioche, snacking on peeled tangerines or even biting into crunchy toast.

A child’s love of praline, a nuttyalmond heaven, the reassuring smell of damp undergrowth on a walk in the woods, and the smooth, vibrant aromas of freshly-roasted coffee beans are among the sensations associated with the different Castelnau champagnes.

It takes premium quality grapes to create true character. Castelnau champagnes are sourced from across the vast selection of 150 of the region’s cru vineyards.

Prestigious grand crus from the Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims combine with a rich tapestry of crus from the Vallée de la Marne, Massif de Saint-Thierry and Côte des Bars, not forgetting the young, dynamic regions of Vitryat and Sézanne.

Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir come from the entire Champagne region and provide the Cellar Master with a rich portfolio of flavours.

This extensive collection of grapes promotes the creation of tailormade champagnes that align perfectly with the unique signature style.

Our Champagnes


Le Brut


Le Rosé


Le Blanc de Blancs 2008


L’Extra Brut


Le Brut Millésimé 2006

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